Bhutanese songs Downloads

!! This songs are already free for download. New songs wont be uploaded as long as they are made free for download. Just click download for the song you want to download.Bhutanese Songs Download. THE TABLE IS SORT ABLE, CLICK ON THE SONG TITLE TO SORT IT TITLE WISE
Id Song Title Artist Link
77 Tam Tshi Sum Sonam Thobden Download
76 Yonphula Misty Terrace Download
75 Choe Thom Me Nimlay Minzung & Sonam Thobden Download
74 Kab Kab Sel Wai Karsel Ugyen Panday Download
73 Sem Hingi Sangtam Aie Khorwa Help me out!!! Download
72 Hi Ngegi Tasha Help me out!!! Download
71 Hing Gi Nyenthuema Help me out!!! Download
70 Gawei Sem Help me out!!! Download
69 Karma Wangzin Help me out!!! Download
68 Nam Hoem Help me out!!! Download
67 Ngee Sem Hingi Azhi Namgay Jigs Download
66 Si ri ri Nge Sem Help me out!!! Download
65 Shop Machap Mae Please Help me out!!! Download
64 Sergi Pata Help me out!!! Download
63 Tharing Sa (Acoustic Cover) Help me out!!! Download
62 Nga Choe Lu Ga Help me out!!! Download
61 Choe Dang Nga Help me out!!! Download
60 Lap Ma Tshu Help me out!!! Download
59 Nga Chae Tshu Help me out!!! Download
58 I'm Sonam Kuenga Namgyel Help me out!!! Download
57 Aai Mo Help me out!!! Download
56 Sherabtse Ga Me Ga Help me out!!! Download
55 Si ri ri Help me out!!! Download
54 Shop Ma Chap Help me out!!! Download
53 Rigyel Choe Tenzin Om Download
52 Nga Ga Wei Bhum Choe Unknown Download
51 Lugar Zhey Gi Gomo Unknown Download
50 Ngee Sem Dhi Cha Cha Ugyen Dorji Download
49 Ngyam Ghawai Lu Yul Unknown Download
48 Azha Pasa Ugyen Panday & Pema Deki Download
47 Zamling Ugyen Panday & Minzung Download
46 Nge Hing Lay Ugyen Panday Download
45 Bakcha Sem Gi Remmu Minzung & Lotey Download
44 Gang Dha Khawa Ugyen Panday Download
43 Sem Choe lu Ga (remix) Help me out!!! Download
42 Gawei Sem Gi Charo Help me out!!! Download
41 Sheyga Help me out!!! Download
40 Lam Toum Pelden D Download
39 Sem Gi Tsho Pelden D Download
38 Meto Sakha Pelden D Download
37 Duegi Jurwa Pelden D Download
36 Khaw Chap Na Mae Pichai Download
35 Nyendro Nyem Radio Vally Edit Download
34 Dzopai Sangay The No Names Download
33 Gatro Dhe Tsu Sonam Tobgay Download
32 Choe Thongsay Unknown Download
31 Zukshi Tandin Chogyel Download
30 Yeshey Khandum Unknown Download
29 Sha Ra Za Ugyen Panday Download
28 Sergi Dhunghi Unknown Download
27 Seday Unknown Download
26 Seday Choe Pem Tshering Download
25 Choe Thongsay Unknown Download
24 Sa Dha Nam Ugyen Panday Download
23 Phudo Sa Ugyen Panday Download
22 Phemba The No Names Download
21 Ngee Sem Ngee Sem Ugyen Panday Download
20 Nge Bumchung Pelden D Download
19 Nam Khai Karma Seldrup OST Download
18 Nam Tom Gi Bhulu Dechen Pem Download
17 Mikha Tsupi Meto Radio Vally Download
16 Lok Wong Na Mae Kinley Wangchuk Download
15 Kencho Sum The No Names Download
14 Kayllin Unknown Download
13 Karsel Ma Unknown Download
12 Kadrinchey Tshering Dori Download
11 Hey Love Kheng Sonam D Feat Tashi Pem Download
10 Gyeltshen Tashi Delek Tshering Dorji Download
9 Gawa Jinmee Tshering Dorji Download
8 Dzopai Sangay The No Names Download
7 Doba Ha Sa Unknown Download
6 Dhae na mae Unknown Download
5 Chi Sem Chi Lu Dezang Download
4 Bum Choe Gatey Yea Tashi Tobgay Download
3 Ya Wai Azhi Tshering P.W. Download
2 Aiee mo Yeshey Rabten Download
1 Nyendro Nyem Nava Yangzom Feat Ganchu Download


  1. Plez ..w'd u lik to update wit latest songs.

    1. I don't update this cuz almost all the songs are easy to get on the Soundcloud ( ... Let me know if you need any help...

    2. Please can u update chords for ""Nyendro Nyem". Thank u la

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  3. Could u plz upload guitar chords for the song choe lu ta dee....misty terrace

  4. do you have gyelo gyelo palden drukpa lhagelo. ngachi bus dang bumtsugi. lamchikhar thuen te gi...pom pom dance performed by gelephu school

  5. please upload me..juz now if you could.

  6. Guys help me out....m not able to find the lyrics for due tabu nabu by ugyen panday in drukdra lingpi tashi......if u hv any ideas la.....

    1. Dwt karoake has them. Just search dwt karoake in google

  7. Thanks for the share of the music.

  8. all this are good i have to download la

  9. all this are good i have to download la

  10. can someone upload here "Ubu hera jomolhari" by minzung la? or direct me where to find.

  11. Can anyone upload the song bu nga bumo choe lu, gachibay sem micha ni

  12. Can you upload the song Choe nga lu ga, nga lu ga nang may

  13. Can any one post a track of Sa dha nam by ugyen n jangchub

  14. can anyone have the remix song of sho sho sho sa ngenthen che,sem hingemeto & Dhae na mae

  15. Hello, I am Jigme from India. I have been searching for a downloading site for Boom Boom by Ugyen Panday but didn't find any. Can you plz make it available for downloading? If not does anybody know from where I can do it?

  16. Please can you upload darshing